Radical Living Healthier Tour

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Author and Fitness Coach Bridgette L. Collins is traveling to various communities with her Radical Living Healthier Tour. The tour will include the following:

 Health and Fitness Talk

 Walk / Run Session

 Book Signing

In a society where health concerns have reached new heights and obesity levels are growing at an accelerated rate, the need for individuals to partake in a health and fitness program has become critical. In an effort to reach individuals who do not eat healthy and/or who have had little or no involvement in physical activities, Coach Collins has launched “The Radical Living Healthier Tour.” This radical tour fosters the importance of pursuing healthier lifestyle habits to various communities throughout the United States and promotes implementing a walking and/or running program as an option for getting started.
Through her health and fitness talk, Coach Collins provides guidance on how individuals can achieve the following:

• Cook healthy meals at home;
• Make healthier selections at restaurants;
• Plan fun fitness activities personally and with their families (with an emphasis on pursuing a walk/run program);
• Develop and implement their personal goals (B.O.L.D. goals) for minimizing the risk for disease and illness; and
• Take responsibility for their health and associated lifestyle choices.

The walk/run session will cover the basic for implementing a targeted training program, building endurance to improve one’s level of fitness, and the importance of injury prevention, stretching, cross-training, nutrition, footwear, apparel & more!

Don’t miss this opportunity to offer your audience a powerful message on choice and change. Coach Collins’ Radical Living Healthier Tour will provide insightful, long-term actionable strategies on how to:

 Eat Healthier

 Exercise Consistently

 Lose Weight

 Minimize Lifestyle Risks



Contact Bridgette at (972) 768-3488 or complete the “Contact Bridgette” link for more information.