Game Up For Wellness

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For centuries, family and friends have shared memorable moments filled with laughs and fun while playing card and board games. With a focus on living healthier, and to help her audiences to better understand the pros and cons of their lifestyle choices, Coach Collins has recreated some of our most familiar games. She merges game-style entertainment and education for helping people to develop healthy living habits (to include eating habits, exercise consistency, stress management, etc.) through her Game Up for Wellness exercises.

Coach Collins’ Game Up for Wellness exercises not only increase brain activity and mental capacity for living healthier, they help people to enhance their communication and interactive skills with one another. She is engaging families, friends, co-workers, along with a number of other groups and organizations to expand their healthy living knowledge, revisit their perspective on living healthier: mind, body, and spirit, and creating new memorable moments.

In just one powerful day (as few as two hours), Coach Collins provides the perfect opportunity for you — and every member of your group or team — to gain a better understanding of what’s necessary to incorporate and sustain healthier lifestyle habits.

Brief Description of "Game Up For Wellness" Exercises

Coach Collins uses different Bingo-type games to help participants to incorporate or boost their fitness. Just like the traditional method for playing Bingo, participants receive a fitness bingo card and get motivated with others to learn more about what’s necessary to create a fitter body.  Coach Collins provides a plurality of matrices having different words/statements listed in the squares that focuses the participants’ attention on options for getting fit or taking their fitness to the next level.
Through the assembly of two groups (friends, families, co-workers, or church members), participants compete against each other in a contestant style scenario to name the best response to questions related to health and fitness. This entertaining game will provide your audience with options for applying the changes that are necessary to live healthier in today’s instantaneous and demanding world.
This exercise will raise many eyebrows because participants often leave shocked after gaining a better understanding of the hazards that exist in some of their favorite food items. To get started, participants are given a question and asked to guess the correct answer. The participant who comes the closet to the correct answer wins the opportunity to play The Number is Right game. The participant is then presented a set of real food items in which he/she must guess the number of calories, sodium, or fat. The participant wins a prize for each guess that is correct. This fun and entertaining game will provide your audience with an increased knowledge and understanding of unhealthy vs. healthier eating habits.
This exercise is great for augmenting a company’s wellness program, group’s retreat, and conventions’ seminar offerings. Coach Collins has developed a set of in-basket wellness exercises that will assist your audience on how to assess their ability to live healthier: mind, body, and spirit. Participants are given a list of common items that have been shown to impact their ability to incorporate and sustain healthier lifestyle habits. They are asked to prioritize the items. In this game, the participants are assessing what they deem as important and urgent as a group and in their own personal lives. The exercise provides the participants with a snapshot of their ability to live healthier: mind, body, and spirit and what steps they need to take to live healthier.
Examples of outcome objectives for the varied game-style exercises consist of participants who:
  • Improved fitness level by engaging in regular physical activity.
  • Lowered blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels through a better understanding of nutrition.
  • Improved body weight and decreased body fat through better eating and regular exercise.
  • Lowered Blood Pressure (BP) levels through a better understanding of some of its causes (sodium intake, stress, etc.).
  • Decreased fast food/restaurant consumption due to a better understanding of food content.
  • Lowered health risk factors through improved lifestyle habits.
  • Reduced his/her use of sick days through better management of medical conditions.
  • Decreased or contained healthcare costs for both the company and personally through improved lifestyle habits.

Bring a fresh new approach to wellness to your location!

Have a group of 10 or more? Coach Collins' Private Team Wellness is perfect! Request any one of Coach Collins' Game Up For Wellness exercises – or any of her living healthier with purpose empowerment workshops – for your next event/conference/retreat/seminar. She also offers crossword puzzles and word search games that are great for ice-breakers.

For more information about Coach Collins' exciting approach to entertaining and educating audiences through her Game Up For Wellness exercises, just contact Bridgette Collins at