Living Healthy Workshops

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Living HEALTHY with Purpose Empowerment Workshops

The Living Healthy with Purpose Empowerment Workshops offer a broad range of topics designed to provide individuals with the nuts and bolts for clarifying their purpose in order to gain a new perspective on health and long-term actionable strategies for living healthy: mind, body and soul.

Our “hands on” workshops blend a unique understanding of emotional and behavior distractions with strong individual and group development expertise. In a fun and entertaining environment, participants get to interact with one another while working, thinking, doing (physical fitness activities, depending on the workshop), and processing a variety of targeted health and fitness strategies.

Whether your goal is to inspire or develop skills, we are committed to helping you enhance the effectiveness of your event, conference, workshop, or meeting.

Living HEALTHY with Purpose Empowerment Workshops will:
  Strengthen the health and well-being of individuals and families
  Foster individual responsibility for behaviors and actions
  Inspire a commitment to personal growth and healthy living
  Raise awareness of the importance of personal and organizational health and wellness
  Help turn personal and business challenges into healthy opportunities

• One-hour workshop: Provides an overview
• Two-hour workshop: Provides in-depth information and assessment
• Half-day workshop: Provides in-depth information and assessment, skills practice and action plan
• Series of four one-hour workshops: In-depth information and assessments
To obtain cost information for the workshops, please email Bridgette Collins at .
Today’s Workplace: How Your Health May Affect Your Job         Learning Objectives
Many companies are implementing or revising their extended medical leave policies (after the exhaustion of family and medical leave) to address employees who suffer serious medical conditions and who are unable to return to work after a defined period of time. It is more critical than ever that workers focus their attention on eating healthier and exercising. Learn how to protect yourself from the pitfalls of unhealthy choices by outlining your strategy for developing and implementing healthier lifestyle habits, not only for yourself, but for those you’re obligated to.
  • Reviewing and understanding the organization’s leave policies
  • Present examples and use of medical related policies and procedures
  • Identify the employee’s responsibility
  • Identify the safeguards of healthy lifestyle habits
  • Identify preventive screenings for optimal health
  • Examine steps necessary to achieve and maintain a healthy life
Clap-On Clap-Off Fitness: The Key to Consistency         Learning Objectives
The conflicting demands of work and home can zap the time and energy needed to create and sustain an effective fitness program. If your ability to get on track with a fitness program is hampered by life’s demands, this workshop will provide you with the tools needed to jump start your fitness plan and learn how to stay focused, be consistent and reap the benefits.
  • Handling multiple demands
  • Five steps to achieving balance
  • Internal and external stressors
  • Using energy wisely
Re-order Your Priority List to Live Healthier         Learning Objectives
Prioritization is a key success factor to create and/or maintain the physical body that affects every aspect of our lives. Healthy bodies come from proper exercise, diet, sleep and relaxation. This workshop provide tips that can help you focus on prioritizing healthy lifestyle habits to augment a better realization of what it means to be healthy.
  • Self-assessment
  • Gap between reality and expectations
  • Develop action plans
From Darkness to Light: The Truth About Eating Out         Learning Objectives
Do you and/or your family eat out for most of your meals? If you are a busy person (or a person who just enjoys eating out), this workshop is for you. Get the facts about how eating out affects you and your family. Learn some practical tips for making better choices if restaurants are part of your daily routine.
  • Understand common truths about processed foods
  • Find out what’s really important to you
  • The importance of choice and change
  • Tips on how to identify and find balance
The Ultimate Hook-Up: Connecting Faith and Fitness         Learning Objectives
God has given you a body and you have an obligation to take care of it. Loving your body and loving yourself is part of what it means to be faithful to God. This workshop will help you connect the physical with the spiritual so you can live healthier: mind, body and soul.
  • Defining your faith profile
  • Exploring personal beliefs about “fitness”
  • Learn five steps to creating and maintaining a “perfect” balance
Your Health! Your Showstopper!         Learning Objectives
When you are faced with the circumstances surrounding a serious illness—whether it’s medical diagnosis, treatment or post-treatment—the ability to manage your daily demands and obligations may be overwhelming. If your life has taken an unexpected turn because of health problems, this workshop will help you to achieve emotional healing and determine solutions for pursuing an enhanced quality of life.
  • Describe stressors associated with health problems
  • Discuss how a chronic illness impacts the family
  • Identify how to cope with diagnosis, treatment or post-treatment
  • Present strategies to help you get through
Overcoming Grief and Loss: A Healthy Resolution         Learning Objectives
Grief is a natural response to any loss, whether large or small. It could be a death, a relationship that doesn’t work out, a job change or loss of a friendship. Are you feeling sad, angry, lonely, empty and/or depressed because of the loss of someone or something that was significant in your life?  Don’t let the grieving process leave you where you cannot take care of yourself. This workshop will help you learn how to find resolution through healthy lifestyle changes.
  • The nature of losses, big and small
  • The stages of grief
  • How to accept your own grief and that of others
  • How to implement five step for healthy lifestyle changes for resolution
Experiencing Your WOW! Factor         Learning Objectives
Are you dreaming of ways to give your body an image overhaul? Right now, your interior is healthy, but your exterior is packed with excess body fat. The good news is that nothing is permanent in our world, not even excess body fat. This workshop will give you the tools you need to make cosmetic changes to your exterior.
  • Understanding the addictive nature of eating
  • Challenges and ways to overcome them
  • Creating a diet/fitness plan and staying motivated
Ten Essential Habits for Living Healthier Amidst Change         Learning Objectives
We live in an unpredictable world that can be filled with an abundance of successes, upsets, and setbacks. There are ten essential habits that can help you to navigate your way through life’s uncertainties. This workshop will introduce you to the ten habits and how they can help you to achieve and sustain a healthier life in the midst of sudden and constant change.
  • Conducting a self-examination of barriers
  • Benefits and rewards of healthy change
  • Plan of action
  • Reinforcement and support along the way
Weight Loss for Busy Women         Learning Objectives
Are you a woman whose life is overwhelmed with endless demands, goals, schedules and expectations? You are so busy taking care of others that there's hardly time left to take care of yourself. This workshop provides today’s multi-tasking woman with five basic tips for creating and maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Explore needs and readiness for change in diet and fitness habits
  • Reduce unhealthy behaviors
  • Tools and strategies for weight management
  • Creating BOLD goals for lifestyle habits
Living Healthier After Divorce         Learning Objectives
Divorce is often a painful process, even in the most amiable dissolutions. Whether you have completed the task of making an array of difficult decisions (Where do the kids live? Who gets the house? How do you divide up the assets?) or not, it’s critical that you consider your health and well-being. This workshop will help you to focus on reinventing the new YOU through healthy lifestyle pursuits.
  • Impact of divorce on health and well-being
  • Letting go of past hurts and healing emotionally
  • Ideas to reduce divorce related stress
  • Learn the keys for using the pursuits of healthy lifestyle habits for rebuilding
HealthCare Reform: A Company’s Survival Guide         Learning Objectives
The health care dilemma affects most sole proprietors, small business owners, corporations and non-profit organizations in one way or another. Learn simple solutions for incorporating affordable wellness initiatives that targets disease prevention and disease management. Boost your productivity and increase your profit by keeping your employees healthy!
  • Benefits and rewards of employee healthy lifestyle habits
  • Identifying and developing relationships for foster lifestyle changes
  • Outline implementation of a wellness program that meets employee needs
Strategies for Developing Healthy Habits in Your Children         Learning Objectives
Not only has the number of overweight and obese adults reached epidemic proportions, the same is true for our children. Overweight and obese children and adolescents are at risk for health problems during their youth and as adults. If you are a parent or guardian, a conscious effort must be made to increase your child’s level of physical activity and to limit his/her intake of unhealthy foods. Learn how to develop healthy habits in your children.
  • Identify the components of children’s health
  • Identify the most common childhood health concerns related to overweight/obesity and how to prevent them
  • Identify the causes and results of obesity in children and adolescents
  • Develop a plan of action
Run for a Healthier You!         Learning Objectives
So, you want to learn how to RUN! This workshop will cover the basics for implementing a targeted training program, building endurance to improve one’s level of fitness, stretching and the importance of injury prevention, cross-training, footwear, apparel, nutrition, and more!
  • Learn the basic aspects of fitness
  • Create a running program that meets individual needs
  • Identify the most common running injuries
  • Perform basic movement to increase flexibility
  • Identify personal motivation for running
  • Identify the benefits of a healthy diet
Set a Healthy Example for Your Kids         Learning Objectives
Care and good judgment are among the most important aspects of creating a healthy environment for children. The habits of kids are greatly influenced by their parents and guardians acting in a parent capacity. Do you super-size at restaurants? Do you eat two or more carbohydrates at one meal? Do you avoid exercising consistently? Parents have an obligation to their kids to make better daily choices by setting a good example. This workshop helps parents and guardians model the behavior they want to see in their children: eating fruits and vegetables, eating reasonable portions, cooking meals at home, and exercising.
  • Identify participants’ role in making healthy changes
  • Identify supporting their children’s weight and health management
  • List the steps necessary to help their children control their food choices
  • Identify options for helping their children engage in daily physical activity
  • Develop an action plan
Processed Foods: Avoiding the Trap         Learning Objectives
Do you really know what constitutes a processed food? Have you ever wondered why a pre-packaged food stays fresh for months, when the same food made from scratch grows mold in just days? This workshop explores the undisclosed aspects of processed foods. Learn how to tell the difference between good and bad processed foods.
  • Identify the benefits of eating healthy
  • Present the basic components of good nutrition
  • Analyze eating patterns
  • Plan a healthy diet
All Aboard: Focusing on What Matters Most After Fifty         Learning Objectives
When we get older, especially after age 50, the human body starts to experience some setbacks. Many older Americans at some point will encounter arthritis, high blood pressure or heart disease, and diabetes. Cancer and osteoporosis are also more prevalent as we age. This workshop provides a roadmap for individuals over 50 that desire to achieve superior fitness performance capabilities and nutrition utilization.
  • Identify how disease and illness can be prevented, delayed or managed until much later in life
  • Identify the components of superior health for seniors
  • Strategies for adjusting lifestyle habits
  • Examine risk factors and develop a plan of action to address them
Life in College: Balancing Education and Exercise         Learning Objectives
The pursuit of a college degree will help you learn how to evaluate and interpret information, solve complex problems, reason clearly, make good decisions, and communicate effectively. A healthy mind and body will facilitate the learning process as you work to achieve your goals and complete one of life’s greatest accomplishments. This workshop will focus on fitness and exercise and help participants develop a workout plan.
  • Explore needs and readiness for change in diet and fitness habits
  • Reduce unhealthy behaviors
  • Learn the basic aspects of education and exercise
  • Tools, strategies and action planning for weight management
  • Develop relationships for ongoing support
Good Grades: A Student’s Guide to Increased Concentration       Learning Objectives
The ability to achieve good grades in college are not just about effective study habits. It is also about concentration, stress reduction and healthy lifestyle habits. If your diet is loaded with “sugary” and "fatty foods," such as a hamburger, or two slices of meat lover’s pizza, or hot wings you eat on the run so regularly (because it is easy "fill up" food) and 32 ounces of soda, you may be sabotaging your learning. The overload of fats and sugar will probably have your body weighed down rather than energized. This workshop help students learn to how to eat healthy in college to increase concentration, reduce stress and promote healthy eating habits.
  • Explore the challenges of maintaining a healthy diet on
  • Five steps for balancing time and effort spent studying and eating healthy
  • Explain role of changing certain personal habits to achieve proper brain functioning
A Student’s Healthy Digestive System         Learning Objectives
You are living on your own and learning to be responsible for yourself and your own choices. Part of personal responsibility is making sure you take care of yourself and stay as healthy as you can. From classes to networking meetings and work to studying, the average college student’s schedule is jam-packed. Your immediate options—an order of chili-cheese fries, a hamburger and soda—may not be the best choice for your digestive system. This workshop is designed to help students prepare and cook healthy and hearty meals quickly.
  • Taking care of your health first
  • Describe the impact of unhealthy foods
  • Benefits and rewards of cooking healthy meals
  • Identify the common diseases and illnesses and how to prevent them
  • Strategies for making favorite foods healthier
Workshop topics can be customized to accommodate the theme for your event or meeting.
To obtain cost information for the workshops, please email Bridgette Collins at