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Just In Time Fitness is an exercise resource organization where the primary goal is to equip individuals with the tools necessary to get fit and stay fit.

Coaching and Consulting

Staying motivated and having an appreciation for better health will be paramount for developing and maintaining lifelong habits. In today's high stress, high achieving and highly competitive society, a quest to incorporate a healthier lifestyle is often hampered by the daily demands of life. Just In Time Fitness can assist individuals in creating practical strategies that work. Our coaching and consulting services will assist participants in closing the gap between their intentions and their actions. Participants will gain a better understanding of how to build on healthier ways to be creative with eating their favorite foods and making exercise fun, challenging and effective.

1 Hour Consultation - $75 per hour

Lifestyle Management Program

Coaching through the lifestyle management program will help participants incorporate balance in their lives and avoid burnout. In crafting a lifestyle plan based on self-examination, participants will receive the following:

Personal assistance with grocery shopping Customized 4-week exercise program
In-home demonstration on how to prepare and cook healthy meals (participants provide food items) Guidance on how to make healthy choices
when dining out

$125 per lifestyle plan

Walk/Run Training Program

Under the supervision of a coach, train once a week to (1) improve fitness, (2) improve technique, (3) increase distance, (4) reduce body fat, and (5) improve eating habits.

Just In Time Fitness will design a customized weekly workout schedule that is convenient and outlines 30 to 60 minutes of walking and/or running, 3 to 5 days per week. Each week the training program will grow in intensity to ensure participants reach their goal. Additionally, participants receive guidance on proper form/technique, injury prevention, resistance and flexibility training. Best of all, you will receive valuable information on eating healthy, meal preparation, and sports nutrition.

$50 per session

Telephone Coaching Program

It’s convenient. It’s quick. It’s flexible. It’s accessible. It’s focused. It’s affordable. Through weekly sessions via telephone, participants are assisted with developing strategies for making healthy eating choices and incorporating varied exercise activities. By following a customized health and fitness program based on preference and daily demands, participants are motivated to exercise and have control over their results. The telephone coaching program will empower individuals to be independent right at the beginning. Learn to take personal responsibility without depending physical presence.

$25 per 30 minute session

Booking Inquiries

Author and fitness coach Bridgette L. Collins is available to speak at events anywhere around the world. Please contact her directly at for booking information.
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